Ride in Style this Holiday Season with
the E2F Scooter and Scooter Plus

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Key features

1. Eco-Friendly

Reduce your carbon footprint by going electric with our fast-charging and zero-emission scooters. 

2. Long-Lasting Battery

All E2F Scooters come with a powerhouse lithium-ion battery, allowing for 6 hours of travel.  

3. Custom-Built App

Our application lets you monitor your speed, lock your scooter, and track your trip. All our scooters are Bluetooth-capable. 

4. Portable Design

All E2F Scooters fold compactly for easy storage at home or work. Fits perfectly in another vehicle, so you can electrify your ride anywhere you go. 

5. Easy Rider Controls

The E2F Scooters come with three speed settings, giving you maximum control. Cruise at 15 KMPH with the lowest setting or zoom to your destination at a max speed of 35 KMPH.

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