Electric2Fun Scooter

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This foldable electric scooter is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, which belongs to today’s new breed of scooters. With a power of 35V, and a top speed of 25 km/h, this e-scooter will bring you up to 35 – 40 km at full charge. This unique yellow, black and red electric scooter are available today. Grab one now!


*$100 Rebate on Orders

*$100 Rebate on Orders



350W 30 x30


24 mph


15.8 kg

Compact & foldable

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8 reviews for Electric2Fun Scooter

  1. Mike Riley

    I look forward to sunny days now so I can get out and ride on my Electric2Fun scooter. No matter your age this is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and bring back your inner child. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for new ways to enjoy the outdoors!

  2. Mary Kinsey

    One of the moest affordable scooters I have seen. It’s worth the wait! I’m having fun whenever I use it, the speed is just enough for me

  3. Allen Tran

    This foldable scooter is one of my greatest purchases this year! I like using this whenever I stroll the park and just visit my friends. Five stars for e2f

  4. Nicole McFaddin

    I gave this rate only by now since I tried to use it continuosly for two weeks. Easy to use and I’m having fun running errands with this

  5. Leonardo Torres

    I like how I can bring this anywhere I go. I’m going out of town next week and planning to bring this with me. Great job electric2fun

  6. Alana Tyler

    I’ve been planning to buy a scooter for myself and had no idea where to start but I got into their and this caught my attention. It’s worth to buy!

  7. Shannon Dennis

    I bought this for my husband and not for myself. Lol now I want one! It is easy to use and totally convenient.

  8. Thomas Malone

    I like how foldable and easy to use this scooter. I’m 20 minutes away from work so its a great investment. I love it

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