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We’ve Made Traveling More Fun

We have just made traveling more fun with the Electric2Fun Scooter. Because it’s electric, you’re not harming the environment.

If you want more power then you can get the Electric2Fun Scooter Plus which comes with 500 Watts of power.

What if we told you we can make electric skateboards fun for you?

We’ve set on a journey to bring you the best electric recreational vehicles as we step into the future of purely electric transportation. Carrying the most in-demand electric two-wheel brands here at the Sunshine State of Jacksonville, Florida, we are positive to become part of the transformation that the electric skateboarding industry has pioneered.

Promising unparalleled and almost limitless development, these brands, like Electric2Fun, never stop innovating.

This new, complex technology is incorporated into these easy-to-use electric boards.

Meet our Founder

Russ Quick
Founder and CEO

Seo Russell quick

Russ is passionate about environmentally-friendly gears and items. As the electric-powered industry continues to soar, his new venture isn’t just eco-conscious, it’s also a lot of fun.

As Russ brings together the best electric gear brands in the nation, and around the world, Electric2Fun will be your one-stop shop for all things electric, and with wheels, perfect for recreation under the sun.

Ride through the streets of your city with Electric2Fun!

Having your very own electric scooter is

now easier — and cheaper!

Thanks to our discount vouchers.
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