Are Electric Skateboards Really Eco-Friendly?

Electric skateboards are becoming more and more powerful and efficient. The question is, are they eco-friendly? Electric skateboards have made a significant impact on the market. Many consumers, commonly found in the United

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Tame the Halo Board Beast Today

The new electric skateboards from The Halo Board brand just keep getting better and better. All the features on the new Halo Board Beast make it better than the competition. The range is

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Why the Halo Rover X Is Fit for Your Lifestyle

You’ve probably decided on purchasing your own electric gear, but are still at a crossroads on what type, design, specs, and power you’d need for day-to-day and/or recreational use. Electric skateboards have gained

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Top 5 Electric Skateboards 2020

As we take one leap at a time towards a future of electric-powered transportation, one of the most famous items on this list is electronic skateboards! You might ask, why make it electric

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Why Are Electric Skateboards Better?

The use of electricity in different gears has always been a defining factor of modern transportation. As the popularity of electric skateboards grows, more and more different styles of boards emerge. It can

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5 Benefits of Having an Electric Skateboard

Almost everything has gone electric-powered to minimize the biological footprint we leave as the years and decades pass. High-powered devices do not have to be detrimental to the health of the environment. The

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A Timeline of Electric Skateboards

Did you know that the early skateboards were once an experiment? It was invented by attaching a pair of roller skates to a board for some “cheap thrills”! No one knew it would

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