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A Glimpse at the 5 Fastest Electric Scooter this 2022

We live in a time that has never been seen before. Most of the world has unrestricted access to the fastest electric scooter. Every month, new, faster, and more extreme scooters become available to people like us who love scooters. This period is likely to go by almost as quickly as the scooters. So if you want to pick one, you might want to do it soon.

It feels like we’re lying if we said that the finest part of riding an electric scooter wasn’t being able to slam on the throttle and rocket away at high speeds. It’s a cool way to get around on paved city streets or off-road forest trails.

Still, not all scooters are the same, and there is a hierarchy when it comes to speed. Some are more limited in what they can do, while others are made to break through limit after limit. 

Which Electric Scooter is the Fastest?

As always, our suggestions are based on three core principles:

Deep Research

Along with our expert knowledge, we give numbers showing how scooters compare in different performance areas.

Process of Careful Review

We have the most thorough scooter reviews. Our website has over a million words of scooter reviews, guides, and comparisons.

Unbiased Advice

We don’t just focus on the good things; we also point out the bad stuff so that you can decide for yourself.

Fast scooters, often called performance scooters, cost more than standard versions due to their high-quality build. We’ve chosen inexpensive fastest electric scooter for adults versions for less-experienced riders or those on a budget.

Dualtron X2

Dualtron X2 is beastly. Its 145-lb body isn’t like the portable electric scooters you see on the streets. It’s not the most practical scooter, but its power and ride make up for it. It can go 93 miles on a single charge and as fast as 59 mph. We think it’s unique.

If you’re not careful, two 8,300-watt motors might make the scooter ride away. It reaches 15 mph in 2 seconds. Its sturdy body can withstand loads exceeding 330 lbs. This beast’s large 13-inch tires and 19-step hydraulic suspension system make riding a breeze. Full hydraulic disc brakes


In a world with ever-more restrictive riding restrictions, it’s amazing that such a machine is legal on city streets. The Rion can achieve at least 80mph, which is ridiculous, yet the website says that top speed is limited. What’s the top speed without the limiter?

It is mostly made of carbon fiber and aluminum and has two motors and slick tires. At 69 pounds, it’s not very light, but at those speeds, you probably want all the weight you can get!


The fastest electric scooter we’ve tested. BURN-E smashed 13 of our 16 performance measures. It offers the best throttle response of any scooter we’ve tested, allowing us to ride comfortably at 8 or 81 km/h without changing settings. It’s also one of the longest-range scooters we’ve tested, at 85.8 kilometers.

Turboant M10

The Turboant M10 electric scooter combines speed and affordability. The M10 is the fastest and finest scooter under $500. The M10 is light, tiny, and elegant, and its 10-inch air-filled tires make it comfortable despite lacking formal suspension.

The Turboant M10 is the king of 15-20 mph speeds, reaching 20 mph. This recent market entrant also folds swiftly, carries effortlessly, and is portable. The M10 is a smart compromise for speed freaks and adrenaline enthusiasts on a budget.

Electric2Fun Scooter

Even though the Electric2Fun scooter is one of the newest and fastest electric scooter on the market, critics have found that it has many nice features.

You can move around easily with a fastest adult electric scooter made of aluminum that folds up and is now more dynamic than ever. The 48V 15Ah battery on the Electric2Fun Scooter gives it a range of up to 35 kilometers per full charge.

E2F scooters are ideal for beginners who seek a portable item. It can travel far on a single battery. App control ensures rider satisfaction.

What affects the top speed of an electric scooter?

When investigating the fastest electric scooter, look for a “+” speed rating. The fastest scooter on the market goes 80+ MPH. The scooter can reach 80 MPH in “ideal” conditions. What are the “perfect” conditions that affect electric scooter top speeds?


Heavy loads slow down the ride. Heavier weights deplete the battery faster, especially on inclines. Top speeds will be harder to obtain and sustain. This problem affects cars, trucks, RVs, and boats.


Manufacturers test scooters’ top speeds on long, straight, clean tracks. In reality, “ideal” situations are rare. You’ll encounter traffic, stoplights and signs, uneven roads, gravel, debris, inclines and valleys, bad road conditions, potholes, mud, rain, and snow, among other obstacles.


Like any other vehicle, your speed will be directly affected by the condition and quality of your tires. Tires move you forward by pushing against the road (friction). The more push you get from friction, the faster you go.

To Sum It All Up!

The fastest electric scooter is becoming increasingly popular to get around. It has an eco-friendly mode of transportation and can be a pleasant and convenient way to go small distances. It would be best if you considered a few things before having one.

If you want to go on longer trips or off-road with your electric scooter fastest, you’ll need a more durable model like the Electric2Fun Scooter. When you go to https://electric2fun.com/e-gears/, you can choose from several colors.


A Glimpse at the 5 Fastest Electric Scooter this 2022

A Glimpse at the 5 Fastest Electric Scooter this 2022

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