Be the First to Know Where to Buy Electric Scooter in 2022

Do you love those cool rides you see but do not know where to buy electric scooter? Stay on this list, and we will get you to the best place where you can buy one, plus the hottest electric scooters of 2022.

One of the top electric scooters may be the solution if the distance is too far to walk but not close enough to drive. 

Due to their simplicity of use and ability to propel you around rapidly, electric scooters have become quite popular. Now, where to buy an electric scooter? They are also simpler to store in flats and other tiny locations since they are more compact than bikes.

The greatest electric scooter depends on your budget and intended use. What are you ready to pay, and what will you use it for? 

No matter which electric scooter you decide on, have a practice before you better hit the road.


Where to buy Electric Scooter?


You wish to get an electric scooter, then. The issue is that many merchants are pulling up trees in this booming industry.

Some people would prefer to buy their electric scooter where they can physically check the units. Some would like to buy it hassle-free and have it delivered home.

Some scooters are bought from the manufacturer. At the same time, others are sold through sellers of electric scooters, retail shops, and internet marketplaces.

Where to buy an electric scooter near me? Do you shop in online stores like AliExpress? What about Walmart or Best Buy? Perhaps a retailer of scooters like Electric2Fun?

From various merchants, stores, and marketplaces, we have seen our fair share of excellent and awful models. 

We’ve included the merchants that you should transact with. As well as the most important inquiries you should ask yourself before purchasing.


Which are the best electric scooters to buy?


To assist you in navigating your adventure into this strange new world, we’ve selected some of our favorites below. These could be the answer to the question “Where to buy electric scooter these days?”




Simply put, Apollo is a genuine superstar in the electric scooter market. Adored by both enthusiasts and novices for its dedication to design and performance in equal measure.

It has one mission, to change brief travels by reinventing what is possible with an electric scooter.

The Apollo brand is known for its style, power, and quality. From the entry-level Apollo Air, the least expensive scooter Apollo to the commuter-friendly Apollo City. 


Rev Rides


Move aside your question on where to buy electric scooter near me, because Rev Rides also carries every sort of component or accessory you could want. Its all-encompassing approach makes Rev Rides stand out as a top destination.

Rev Rides are the best choice for both newbies and seasoned customers who prefer an upgrade.

Strong relationships with suppliers and pre-shipment inspections are two components that cap-off RevRides.

The customer service provides consumers who want to learn more about scooters load of information. Information like where to buy electric scooter is in the form of instructional films, knowledgeable riders, and in-box materials.




This is the company behind the well-known Ranger, Turbo, and Twin models. It is supported through crowdsourcing on Indiegogo, which has caused it to become widely famous in forums and other online communities.

SPLACH specializes in taking well-liked OEM units, customizing them, and providing scooters at a lower cost. 

If you are still asking where to buy an electric scooter near me, then this brand can cover for you if you’re looking for a strong all-arounder since we’ve been pleased with their scooters’ value.


Fluid Free Ride


It’s a carefully chosen one-stop store with a wide range of scooters that can accommodate every requirement and skill level. 

You may be sure to discover the ideal scooter from its Fluid line of best-sellers, which includes the CityRider, Horizon, and Mosquito, to ultra-performance units from companies like Kaabo and NAMI.

But FluidFreeRide stands out for its dedication to customer support. To help visitors choose the best scooter, each comes with a dossier of reviews, technical specifications, and professional analysis. 

Probably, you will be hearing about electric scooter where to buy this brand, they have a store for purchasing. Visitors may also complete quizzes and schedule virtual consultations.




GoTrax, one of the most well-known electric scooter manufacturers worldwide, has built its empire on the idea of making commuting more intelligent, environmentally friendly, and distinctive. 

Tao’s manufacturing history and GoTrax’s electric vehicle know-how, based in the same Texas facility, have combined to create a series of affordable scooters that promise dependability for casual users. 

Now, where to buy electric scooter like GoTrax? This brand is available online and in your favorite retail stores for electric scooters. 




AnyHill is a group of engineers founded in 2021 to make transportation enjoyable, clean, and free. Their objective is to free mankind from the carbon-spewing steel prisons that clutter our roads and streets. Its objective is straightforward: to be the scooter market’s most customer-focused brand.

AnyHill has quickly established a reputation for innovation and performance without sacrificing its user-friendly attitude because of its three cost-effective product lines, which appeal to commuters, thrill-seekers, and youngsters alike.




Do you consider yourself to be the stylish type? Or Someone who looks for where to buy an electric scooter near me? Someone who appreciates your time above all else, has a creative eye, and is passionate about design? Enter Unagi, a company founded by urban affluents for urban affluents who are sick of Ubers, crammed trains, and missed appointments.

Unagi is so certain of its goods that it only makes one: the Model One. Its lightweight, very slim chassis that resembles an iPhone and tenacious power make it an appealing alternative.




Fun is the focus of Electric2Fun. Its sleek and vibrant designs are available in a diverse array of scooters, opening you to various designs and built to choose from.

This brand well captures what these people are all about, offering a variety of inexpensive electric scooters designed for beginner riders. It comes with a downloadable mobile app on Apple or Playstore, allowing owners to control their rides and distance through the app.


Buying an Electric Scooter?


Are you still stuck with a question on where to buy electric scooter? 

The most important factors to consider in buying your ride are price, performance, and quality.

Electric scooters are becoming a more common form of transportation. They provide a bicycle’s convenience in a more compact form factor without the need to pedal.

The ideal electric scooter will depend on what you want to use it for. It comes in a wide variety of sizes. Electric2Fun is a good brand to get you started; it has an application that lets you control your distance and even your battery life.

You may get directly into their website and more of their products listed. 


Be the First to Know Where to Buy Electric Scooter in 2022

where to buy electric scooter

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