5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Electric Skateboard

With electric skateboards gaining more popularity, it’s no wonder why there are more e-gear brands available in the market. One quick search on the internet would show you how many brands are there.

For enthusiasts, this can be a double-edged sword. While this means that there are now more options in the market, it also calls for more consumers to have a curious mind and a discerning eye on the kind of electronic skateboards they wish to purchase.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the available products, and that’s why it’s essential to do your research and be well-informed before buying an e-gear. Researching the brand that a new buyer is interested in and looking for common difficulties among customers is an important tactic for a new purchase.

Here are the five things you should consider before buying an electric skateboard:


Another critical feature is weight, which affects the board’s stability and control when you’re on top. Moreover, if you choose a board that is too heavy, it will demand a lot more energy to move, which means the motor will have to work harder, and the battery will have less range.

Perhaps you’d also notice how a lot of skaters carry their boards wherever they go. For this reason, you should also choose a board that’s lightweight, convenient, and portable.

Remember also to buy an electric skateboard that has a strong carrying capacity. Laminated maple wood is the most prevalent skateboard deck material. This could be 7-ply or 9-ply maple, and a well-built maple board can hold roughly 220 pounds. Although there is no official skating weight limit, the quality of the board you purchase will determine how much weight it can support before giving way.

Motor Style

The most important factor to consider is whether it’s a hub motor or a belt-driven system when it comes to motor style. Many of the original electric skateboards on the market employed belt-driven systems, but that is no longer the case. Belt-driven systems were more common at first because they allowed for more customization.

Keep in mind that hub motors require less maintenance. It’s also ideal for kick pushing, and you’d experience less lag. The kind of motor your electric skateboard has will determine your overall skating experience, so make sure to choose a powerful one.

Deck Style and Materials

When buying an electric skateboard, the style of the deck and the materials used to make it are two of the most important factors to consider. Electric skateboards are typically made of bamboo or carbon fiber as the primary construction material.

Bamboo boards are known for their flexibility, while carbon boards are noted for their rigidity. It would help if you chose a deck style that best suits your riding style. It would help if you also considered the shape and dimensions of the deck.

A good skateboard deck will be lightweight while being durable. It delivers the proper balance of flexibility and rigidity that allows the board to respond to skateboarding tricks. Ollies and other tricks that need the deck to be “popped” off the ground is something every skateboarding enthusiasts would want.


If there is one component on an electric longboard that is pricey, it is the battery. Manufacturers who want to save money usually do so at the expense of a good battery. The sort of battery in your electric skateboard determines how much enjoyment you’ll have riding it. As such, choose a high-capacity battery to get the most out of your e-gear.

The battery is the most expensive component of an e-board. Manufacturers who want to save money would often cut costs on their battery, opting to use substandard parts for it. 

So, before you close your eyes on a model of cheap motorized skateboarding, please take the time to look at the features of the battery. 

If you plan to travel long distances on your electric skateboard, the battery life is even more crucial, as you don’t want to run out of juice in the middle of your journey. Before buying that cheapest yet the best electric skateboard right off the bat, make sure to check its battery component.

Warranty and Customer Support

Lastly, don’t forget to check the brand’s warranty and the customer support provided. This is the first thing that any wise consumer should know. Equally important is also to check the availability of the spare parts. The last thing you want is for your electric skateboard to be obsolete due to the unavailability of spare parts.

Final Thoughts

There are various factors that you should consider before buying an electric skateboard. You must consider all the items listed above for you to have a quality and fun experience with your skateboard.

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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Electric Skateboard

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