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Top 10 Affordable Electric Scooter Apps in 2023

Affordable electric scooter services are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Users worldwide are favoring e-scooters as their preferred means of transportation. E-scooters are common on the roads in the USA, Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland.

People use electric scooter trips to many locations, including offices, classrooms, etc. E-scooters will overtake other everyday travel options for many people globally in the upcoming years.

Considering this industry’s expansion, several business owners and entrepreneurs are investing significantly in it. It is essential to look at the top best affordable electric scooter apps available if you too want to launch an electric scooter business. 

Top 10 Affordable Electric Scooter App

#1 Bird – Electric Vehicle Sharing App

It is a well-known affordable electric scooter rental business located in Santa Monica, California. The company was started in 2017. It offers services in more than 350 cities in North America, the Middle East, and Europe.

The organization has a strong commitment to providing micro-mobility services. Their major objective is to create neighborhoods that value less traffic, better air, and safer streets.

You can find and unlock your e-scooter using the Bird ride-sharing app. You can hire a vehicle for $1 + 15 cents each minute.

Advanced Features:

  • You may reserve numerous electric vehicles using a group-ride option on a smartphone.
  • You may do real-time tracking using GPS.
  • The software provides a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, and others.
  • An electric scooter may be quickly locked or unlocked using a QR code.

#2 Lime – Your Ride Anytime

Founded in 2017, the well-known on-demand affordable electric scooter for adults rental startup Lime is based in San Francisco, California, and offers dockless electric scooters and bike rentals.

In more than 150 countries worldwide, Lime offers electric vehicle rides on scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds. The main goal of this ride-sharing firm is to provide consumers with access to smart and affordable transportation while also lowering carbon impact.

The numerous dockless electric bikes offered by Lime may be located using GPS and unlocked using a QR code on the Lime app. In the US, it costs $1 to unlock electric bikes, and the best electric scooter affordable and costs 15 cents each minute. It costs $1 for a half-hour trip on a bicycle.

Advanced Features:

  • Locate a Lime electric scooter nearby.
  • Unlock the car using a QR code or inputting the registered ID.
  • Use a secure payment gateway to make your purchase.

#3 Skip Scooters App

Boosted Board introduced Skip, a San Francisco-based affordable electric scooter rental service, in 2017. It provides scooter-sharing services in certain American cities with the tagline “The Best Way to Get There.”

affordable electric scooter rental

The business manufactures sturdy scooters for customers. It incorporates larger batteries, offers training sessions, and tests vehicles in cities before releasing them for public use. One of the greatest scooter applications is called Skip since it can find a nearby scooter in the area.

Advanced Features:

  • Users of the app may find nearby electric scooters.
  • Enables consumers to pre-order their rides.
  • Utilizing the generated QR code from the Skip app, users may start their ride after unlocking the electric scooter.
  • Users don’t need to lock or dock the scooter; they may conclude their journey on the sidewalk.
  • Use any common payment option to pay for the ride.

#4 Spin – Electric Scooters

Spin is a division of Ford Motor Company and was once known as Skinny Labs. The business began operations with just 500 fastest affordable electric scooter and provided users with more than 5000 trips. Spin now provides services in more than 70 cities and universities in North America and Europe.

Spin’s primary goal is to transform communities and cities by offering durable, affordable, and accessible modes of personal transportation.

Advanced Features:

  • A built-in map to locate the nearby electric scooters
  • You may arrange a ride in advance by using the function
  • To unlock the scooter and begin riding, use a QR code
  • Save your credit card details to receive a free trip

#5 Dott

It is a well-known provider of affordable electric scooter ride-sharing services throughout Europe. By spending a little portion of what they would pay for car-sharing, electric bike users may go freely through traffic and arrive at their destination on time.

You may use the app to find an electric bike or scooter and go easily from one place to another. Dott offers exceptionally attractive, practical, and environmentally responsible automobiles. Dott provides service around the clock as well. This makes it one of the top applications for electric scooters.

Advanced Features:

  • Locate a nearby automobile using a map.
  • You can start driving after scanning a vehicle’s QR code.
  • Select a discount or pass to save some money on the ride.

#6 WIND – Smart E-Scooter Sharing

Another well-known electric scooter app on the market is called WIND. It is owned by WIND Mobility, a business founded in 2017 by Eric Wang with offices in Berlin and Barcelona. Electric scooters that are well-lit and emit no emissions are available throughout the city.

One affordable electric scooter app is WIND, which does not need any form of keys, money, ID cards, or deposits. The scooter is unlocked by users tapping on one item in the app. The firm offers sturdy, high-quality scooters to guarantee safe riding. Additionally, it provides cheap transportation so that everyone can afford them.

It offers appropriate solutions for hourly or daily rents in various cities, businesses, hotels, and institutions. Additionally, it provides clients with staff bonus schemes.

Advanced Features:

  • Users may locate nearby e-scooters using GPS.
  • To unlock the car, scan the QR code from the app.
  • Pay using PayPal or a credit card.

#7 Scoot Kick

It is a pioneering provider of the best electric scooter affordable shared transportation, that opened for business in San Francisco in 2012. The new Scoot electric car fleet is ideal for last-mile transportation. Scoot kick scooters are available for you to use whether you want to go for a weekend ride, a date, or an early morning ride. 

Electric scooters available for sharing through Scoot may be picked up and left virtually anywhere in the city. Additionally, Scoot’s electric cars receive expert maintenance.

The company’s main goal is to lessen traffic and carbon emissions, negatively impacting cities. Additionally, San Francisco Scoot users assert that they have prevented millions of pounds of carbon dioxide from reaching the environment.

Advanced Features:

  • Find electric scooters in your neighborhood.
  • Utilize the app’s QR code to unlock the scooter.
  • Pay with the preferred mode of payment.

#8 GOAT – Scooter Rental

The most well-known dockless electric-sharing business operating in Austin is called GOAT. In 2018, it began offering services after receiving official approval from the Austin transportation department. Despite having a license for 500 electric scooters, it only started operations with 20.

Users may use the app to locate available, affordable electric scooter and ride throughout the city. Currently, GOAT scooters are accessible in several American towns and colleges. In addition, the business permits anybody to form a partnership and launch their fleet.

Advanced Features:

  • It provides a map to help you locate the nearest GOAT.
  • Utilize the QR code in the app to scan the car.
  • You may schedule your scooter using a scheduling option.
  • Connect your account to social networks and provide friends with your location to bike together.

#9 Jump

When you need them, the best affordable electric scooter is accessible with Uber’s JUMP. You can go farther, more quickly, and more amicably with JUMP. The Uber app shows parking areas where you may leave your scooters when a journey is finished. After the first five minutes, a jump scooter rental costs $1 + 15 cents every additional minute.

Four businesses, including Jump, which Uber owns, received approval to participate in Santa Monica’s shared e-scooter and e-bike program. Additionally selected to compete were Bird, Lime, and Lyft. To obtain entrance, you can either make a reservation in advance or walk up and scan the code.

Advanced Features:

  • Open a brand-new account.
  • Find and reserve local electric scooters and bikes.
  • The choice to monitor your trip by duration and distance.

#10 Circ

In 2018, the Berlin-based best electric scooter affordable company Circ was founded. The firm sells its specially designed e-scooters in seven different countries. In several European towns, Circ allows you access to shared electric scooters. Whether you’re heading to work or class or need fresh air, Circ makes it easy for you to reach your destination.

There is no pollution or traffic; all that is present is you and a straightforward, sustainable form of transportation. To provide an ecologically sustainable transit option that complements current public transportation networks while lowering our dependency on vehicles, Circ works with cities, colleges, and other organizations.

Advanced Features:

  • Find and scan a Circ.
  • Go to your destination securely.

Which Scooter App Is Cheapest?


The most affordable electric scooter sharing app in the US and Canada is Bird, which charges $1 to unlock the scooter and a fee of $0.15 for each minute of use. Bolt makes the cheapest scooters in Europe; they open for free and cost €0.25 per minute.

Each scooter starts at $1, but the per-minute fee varies for each firm and is also based on several variables. Uber charges 15 to 30 cents per minute, Lime charges 15 to 32 cents, and Bird charges 15 to 39 cents. Between brands, all of the cost is often comparable.

Final Thoughts

The principal area where you should ride your affordable electric scooter is on any marked bicycle or track. If there are no such tracks, there will likely be a recommended site for you to ride, either on the sidewalk or by the side of the road.

best electric scooter affordable

If unsure, a decent rule of thumb is to ride gently and pay attention to other road users. You will be alright if you are courteous and don’t impede or endanger others. To learn about the applicable traffic regulations for electric scooters in your area, consult a legal scooter guide. Additionally, you can get tips, updates, and important information from Electric2Fun about having the best electric scooter. Follow us on Twitter or read our collection of blogs to help you understand everything about electric scooters.


Top 10 Affordable Electric Scooter Apps in 2023

Affordable Electric Scooter

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