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How to Do an Electric Scooter Reset ?

Electric scooter reset is quite the fastest solution for troubleshooting your electric scooter. Electric scooters, like other electrical products, have drawbacks, especially when they’re starting ones that are reasonably priced and popular.

The motor of less expensive scooters could die in the middle of a journey. Or, even after being completely charged, they won’t begin to run.

If only there were a quick fix for this issue—say, a single button you could press to solve all of these problems—

There very well may be. Most problems with e-scooters may also be resolved with a quick reset, just like with your laptop or mobile device.

However, the electric scooter reset button procedure varies from model to model. It only requires pushing a button on some scooters but can get tricky on others. This blog is intended to make everything simpler.

How Do You Fix an Electric Scooter That Won’t Start?

The power button on most electric scooter reset is pressing and holding it for a few seconds or until you hear a loud beep. In some models, you must simultaneously push the power button, the throttle, and the brake lever while holding them all until you hear the beep. If the scooter has a mobile app, you can also reset it there. If none helps, you must do a factory reset by removing the controller or battery from the scooter’s body, keeping it there for a short period, and then plugging them back in.


Button Reset

Unsurprisingly, many scooter models respond well to the tried-and-true “have you tried turning it off and on again” question. Remember that not all scooter models may be compatible with this technique because several manufacturers can no longer reset your scooter. However, if you have any issues with your scooter, you should test it first and know how to reset electric scooter.

There are several ways to reset the button based on the type of scooter you have.


Reset from the Display

In most cases, you may reset your scooter right from the steering-wheel display. For a few seconds, tap and hold the power button until you either hear beeps or see the show suddenly flashing. You may now routinely ask where is the reset button on electric scooter; all you have to do is turn on your scooter as the reset is complete.

Don’t be upset if this doesn’t work. Several manufacturers have made this option a little trickier to prevent unintended resets. For instance, on doing an electric scooter reset, you must simultaneously hold down the power button, the brake lever, and the throttle.

This process can differ from scooter to scooter. Still, it often entails hitting the primary on/off button on display and, occasionally, possibly the controls next to it.

Reset from the Scooter App

If your electric scooter reset supports one, you may reset it straight from the app on your phone. Several manufacturers provide this functionality through their scooter applications to prevent unintended hardware faults if consumers attempt to reset their scooters manually.

This function should be accessible from the main menu of your scooter app, often denoted by three dots in the upper right corner. There should be a button labeled “factory reset” for electric scooter reset, a variation. Confirm the reset by clicking this button.

To prevent the scooter software from crashing in the middle of the reset, it is advised that you have at least a half-full battery when performing this.

electric scooter reset

Reset Directly from the Battery Switch Button

Before getting your hands dirty with the scooter’s circuitry, there is one more thing you may try if none of the two techniques mentioned above works with your version of the scooter.

Check whether your scooter has a “power on/off” button next to the charging port on the side of the deck. Some manufacturers place the primary electric scooter reset button here so that it may be linked to the battery directly, giving you a quick switch-off shortcut if your scooter experiences a problem.

The battery will be turned off by pressing this button; after a little delay, it will be turned back on.

The next thing to attempt is a hardware reset if this doesn’t work as well or if the option is only available.

Hardware Reset 

As the name implies, a hardware electric scooter reset button involves taking apart the major electronic components of your electric scooter and reconnecting them. This approach should only be used if

  • All of the examples above need to be revised.
  • You’ve had some prior experience with electronics.
  • Know what you’re doing well.
  • Remember that this process will probably terminate your scooter’s warranty.

Remove the Battery

Simply taking out your scooter’s battery and re-installing it after a few minutes is the first and safest technique to perform a hardware reset. It is comparable to taking out your phone’s battery after the screen freezes, as was common in the early 2000s.

This procedure should be simple if you own one of the many electric scooter reset available today with replaceable batteries. You will need to disassemble the device if the battery is not detachable.

The battery is usually kept inside the stem or underneath the deck. It should be below the deck in 90% of the scooters. Pick up a screwdriver and a few wrench tools, identify the screws that secure the deck, and loosen them to expose the deck to remove it.

You would likely need to take off the steering wheel to access the battery if it were in the stem.

After prying it apart, you must cut the connections connecting the battery to the other devices and remove it from its bed. After a brief period of being disconnected in this manner, reconnect it originally. The system of the electric scooter reset should undergo an improvised factory reset as a result.


Disconnect the Controller

Unplugging the controller if unplugging and replugging the battery didn’t solve the problem.

A straightforward electric circuit board, a controller links the battery to the motor and controls. It controls the battery’s power output to prevent overheating and the subsequent burning of the scooter’s other electric components. A dozen cables are strung from one side of what seems to be a tiny steel box.

A defective controller will typically cause a power problem, such as a scooter that won’t start even though the battery is fully charged.

The same procedure may be used to access this electric scooter reset because it is directly close to the battery. Finding the battery requires you to open it up, cut its cables, remove it, then cut and remove the controller’s connections. Put it back in after waiting a while, then try turning the scooter on.

Alternative Solutions

A defective controller will typically cause a power problem, such as a scooter that won’t start even though the battery is fully charged.


The reset button on electric scooter should be started with the charger plugged in if you were still at home when you discovered this problem. The easiest approach to check if the battery still works is to put it straight into an electrical socket. If the battery is old and worn out, it might need a little push to start up.

It may not sound like a perfect fix, and it won’t help if you’ve already left your house, but it’s a quick fix to give a go before getting a screwdriver out and disassembling the entire scooter.

Kick Start

Kick-starting the electric scooter reset button is another method you might attempt if you need to have your charger handy.

Even if your model doesn’t, you may still use this approach to try to boot it up when dealing with booting-up troubles. Many modern e-scooters require a kick-start by default.

The method is easy to use. Move the scooter ahead while it is off, rides it for a few yards like a regular non-electric scooter, and squeeze the throttle to switch on the motor.

A higher riding gear requires more power, which puts more strain on the scooter’s battery. Additionally, the battery’s power capacity is limited if it is low. By changing into a lower gear, you may significantly reduce the difficulty of the scooter’s acceleration and boot-up, finishing your trip home at the nominal cost of a slower pace.

electric scooter reset button

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How to Do an Electric Scooter Reset ?

How to Do an Electric Scooter Reset

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