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Get to Know All About An Electric Scooter Reset

An electric scooter reset is the easiest approach to troubleshoot it. Electric scooters, like other electrical devices can encounter problems, especially when they’re brand-new, reasonably priced, and well-liked.

Motor failure may occur mid-trip on cheaper scooters. Alternatively, they won’t begin to move even after being charged.

If only there were a quick fix for this issue, like an electric scooter reset button you could press to take care of all of these problems,

It’s entirely possible. Like your laptop or mobile device, most issues with e-scooters may be fixed with a fast reset.

The process for pressing the reset button on an electric scooter differs depending on the model. Some scooters merely need to press a button, but it might be challenging for others. The goal of this guidebook is to simplify everything.

Do electric scooters have a reset button?

Most electric scooters include a power button that must be pressed and held for a few seconds or until a loud beep is heard to reset the scooter. 

Some models require you to simultaneously press the electric scooter reset button, throttle, and brake lever and hold them until you hear the beep. You may also reset the scooter using its smartphone app if it has one. The controller or battery must be removed from the scooter’s body, left there briefly, and then plugged back in if none of the other fixes work.

Button reset

Unsurprisingly, the age-old query “Have you tried turning it off and on again” yields positive results for numerous scooter types. As some manufacturers can no longer reset your scooter, remember that not all models may be compatible with this procedure. 

However, you should test your scooter beforehand and be familiar with how to reset an electric scooter if you experience any problems with it.

The sort of scooter you have will determine the best approach to where is the reset button on my electric scooter.

Reset from the display.

The steering-wheel display may usually be used to reset your scooter. Tap and hold the power button briefly until you hear beeps or see the show abruptly flashing. Now that you know where the reset button is on an electric scooter, you only have to switch it on after the reset.

In case this doesn’t work, don’t be irritated. Some manufacturers have made this option more challenging to avoid accidental resets. The power button, the throttle, and the brake level must all be depressed simultaneously, for example, while doing an electric scooter reset.

Reset from the scooter app.

You may reset your electric scooter directly from the app on your phone if it supports one. 

To prevent unintentional hardware issues if users try to reset their scooters manually, a few manufacturers offer this feature through their scooter applications. The primary menu of your scooter app, frequently indicated by three dots in the top right corner, should have a link to this feature. 

If you were asking, where is the reset button on Electric scooter, the “factory reset” button should be included for the rest of the electric scooter. By clicking this button, you may confirm the reset. 

It is suggested that you have at least a half-full battery when doing this to prevent the scooter units from crashing in the middle of the reset.

Reset directly from the battery switch button.

If none of the above two methods works with your particular scooter model, you may try one more thing before getting your hands dirty with the circuitry. 

Examine the side of the deck of your scooter for a “power on/off” button adjacent to the charging connector. 

Some manufacturers locate the main reset button for electric scooters here so that it may be connected to the battery directly, providing you with a rapid switch-off shortcut if your scooter has a problem. By hitting this electric scooter reset button, the battery will be switched off; after a little interval, it will turn back on. 

If this doesn’t work as well, or if the only choice is a hardware reset, try that next.

Hardware reset 

As the name suggests, the key electronic parts of your electric scooter must be disassembled and reconnected to use a hardware electric scooter reset button. 

Only if necessary should this method be applied. You’ve got some previous electronic experience. Recognize your strengths. Remember that the warranty on your scooter will likely expire during this procedure. 

Remove the battery

The simplest and safest hardware reset method is removing and replacing your scooter’s battery and replace it quickly. 

It is similar to removing the batteries from your phone when the screen freezes, which was typical in the early 2000s. If you possess one of the several electric scooters with removable batteries that are currently available, this operation should be straightforward. No need to ask, where is the reset button on my electric scooter.

If the battery cannot be removed, the gadget must be disassembled. Typically, the battery is stored inside the stem or under the deck. 90% of scooters should have it underneath the deck. 

Pick up a screwdriver and a couple of wrenches, locate the screws holding the deck in place and loosen the screws to make the deck accessible for removal.

Disconnect the controller

Disconnect the controller if removing and reinstalling the battery didn’t fix the issue.

A controller is a simple electrical circuit board that connects the battery to the motor and controls. To avoid overheating and the consequent burning of the scooter’s other electric scooter reset components, it regulates the battery’s power output. Twelve wires are hanging from what appears to be a small steel box.

Power issues, such as a scooter that won’t start despite the battery being wholly charged, are frequently the result of a bad controller.

Due to its proximity to the battery, the same approach may be used to reach this electric scooter reset. You need to open it up, cut the battery’s cords, and remove it to find the battery.

Alternative Solutions

Power issues, such as a scooter that won’t start despite the battery being wholly charged, are frequently the result of a bad controller.

Electric scooter reset button

We are all aware of how annoying it is to be unable to locate the reset button on our electric scooters. We all have been there. We tried looking everywhere for the reset button on my electric scooter but couldn’t find it. 

You can use an electric scooter when it suddenly stops functioning. The scooter shuts off because you’ve hit a pothole or run out of battery power. How do you behave? Even though you want to repair the scooter’s parts independently, resist the urge to disassemble it. 

There’s no need to freak out if the electric scooter battery dies. Your electric scooter will include an electric scooter reset button that you may press in an emergency to restart. Discovering the location of this button on your smartphone and when to utilize it can save you from worrying.

Where is the reset button?

The electric scooter reset button is often near the power button, close to the handlebars. Resetting your electric scooter can be the answer if it isn’t operating correctly. Know where the reset button and press it to get started.

To start the reset procedure, find the reset button on your electric scooter. The handlebars and the power button are frequently close together. Make sure the electric scooter is switched off before continuing.

After hitting the electric scooter reset button, You should press it for a few seconds. 

Additionally, see the user handbook for your electric scooter for more specific instructions. After being reset, the electric scooter ought to operate smoothly once more. Turn it on and give it a try.

Why Won’t My Electric Scooter Turn On?

If you have done all the steps above for your electric scooter reset, your electric scooter still won’t turn on. 

A few potential causes for your electric scooter to not switch on. The battery should be ultimately charged before you do anything else. If it is, the power switch should then be checked to see if it is in the ON position.

If both are satisfactory, the problem could lie with the motor itself. Try reading your scooter’s handbook or taking it to a technician for a more accurate diagnosis.

You can check a few things to determine if your electric scooter won’t switch on. Make sure the battery is completely charged first. If it isn’t, plug it in and wait a few hours for it to set before attempting again.

Turned on but won’t move

There are a few reasons why an electric scooter reset can switch on but not move when you’re riding it. The first possibility is that the battery may be weak or dead. If so, the battery must be charged before the scooter may travel.

A different possibility is that the motor is broken. Numerous things, such as a loose connection or an issue with the engine itself, may be to blame for this. It’s recommended to take the scooter to a licensed repair shop to get it looked at if you think this could be the problem.

Finally, check that the throttle lever on your electric scooter is in the proper position before attempting to ride. 

The electric scooter won’t charge.

You may check a few items to identify the problem if your electric scooter reset button isn’t charging. To begin with, confirm that the charger is correctly plugged in and that the outlet is operational. Next, determine whether the scooter’s battery has to be changed.

You should take your scooter to a reputable repair shop if something else is needed. Even if the charger is properly plugged in, your scooter may not charge for several reasons. The charger itself may be defective, which is one option.

Another possibility is that the battery connectors aren’t working correctly. Taking your scooter to a reputable repair facility is advised if you are unsure how to resolve either of these problems. You can often change the battery in your electric scooter yourself by following the directions in your owner’s handbook.

electric scooter reset button, where is the reset button on my electric scooter

You may always take your scooter to a licensed repair shop and have them fix it if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself. The battery should only be changed as a last option because doing so would void any warranty with your scooter. Or you can ask where is the reset button on my electric scooter.

Despite their rising popularity, there is still a lot of uncertainty around electric scooters. Where is the reset button on an electric scooter? This is one of the most frequent queries we receive. The response is straightforward; it often depends on the explicit model.

The importance of knowing your electric scooter reset

Understanding the location of the reset button on your electric scooter is of utmost importance for various reasons. The reset button serves as a vital component that can rectify and address many issues that may arise during the operation of your scooter. 

Knowing its precise location and purpose, you understand how to effectively troubleshoot and resolve potential malfunctions, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted riding experience.

Electric scooter reset button acts as a safety feature, enabling you to swiftly restore it to its default settings in case of unexpected performance irregularities.

This can be particularly useful when encountering minor glitches or temporary software errors that may impact the scooter’s functionality. 

In certain situations, your electric scooter may encounter issues that require a complete system reset to troubleshoot and rectify the problem. These could include unresponsive controls, erratic behavior, or persistent errors. 

This process can often resolve more severe software or hardware-related issues, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your electric scooter.


Before panicking on where is the reset button on electric scooter, make sure the battery is charged first. If it is low, try again after recharging the battery for a few hours.

The connections between the battery and the motor should next be examined. Verify the link is secure and that the wires are not loose. If everything else fails, seek expert help to identify and resolve the issue.

If you can’t find your electric scooter reset button—refer to your scooter’s handbook. Once you’ve located the reset button, push it firmly and keep it there briefly. Your scooter should be reset as a result and start operating again.

Should you be interested in taking a look at our collection of the best electric scooters, then head on to our shop today. With Electric2Fun, you can never go wrong!


Get to Know All About An Electric Scooter Reset

Electric scooter reset

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