Why the Halo Rover X Is Fit for Your Lifestyle

You’ve probably decided on purchasing your own electric gear, but are still at a crossroads on what type, design, specs, and power you’d need for day-to-day and/or recreational use.

Electric skateboards have gained much attention in the past years as they’re fun, lightweight, and can go places traditional boards can’t. The Halo Rover X has indeed been one of these sought-after boards. They will cost you a handy dime, so if you buy one of these bad boys- you’d want to invest in a decent one. In any tech you plan on buying, its useability should match your lifestyle. Your usage might not fit the most high-tech version, and you might end up wasting your money on something expensive but is not your match. In recent years, the electric skateboarding industry has grown in popularity. New companies emerge every day to sell new and creative e-skateboard models.

The Halo Board Brand

The Halo Board brand, specifically, has been the talk of the town for most of the much younger adult generation. You’ve probably heard about it through the guidance given by experienced veterans in the community through social media outlets such as Youtube and Reddit. But another rider’s powerful stream of advice can only go so far. The right board is essentially a study and introspection process. Analyzing pricing, efficiency, and technical information is no simple job.

Why The Halo Rover X is Meant for You

Hoverboards are really your best friend when you’re into treading plain and flat surfaces. These types of surfaces help you get into intense speeds and turns and then you also get to show off your skills. While it’s no secret that hoverboards are a bit pricey, it does things normal skateboards cannot. This justification is enough when you’re trying to secure yourself and your investment. The Halo Rover X presents an all-terrain self-balancing scooter. It’s not the first time that we’ve heard of an off-road rig, but it’s the first time we’ve seen a system like this called indestructible.

Halo Rover X Specs

Why try out the Halo Rover X? Here are a few reasons:
  • The Halo Rover X offers dual 400W motors that allow it to handle the all-terrain with ease.
  • This board can hold weights of up to 256 lbs without deterioration in the promised performance. 
  • Don’t  worry about bumps on the road with this baby. The 8.5-inch tires are capable of riding through most of the different bumps or rocks. 
  • Enjoy the top speed of up to 10mph and the battery lasts for up to 8-10 miles, so it’s best for long recreational activities. 
  • The Halo Rover generally runs pretty well, looks stable, and it has some cool extra features which are perfect when you’re starting out on the e-craze. 

Regulate with an App

The technology in this e-skateboard is sought-after. For starters, the entire unit can be regulated by an app. There are large night-riding LED panels, and there are three different stages of preparation that can be increased along with your experience. The software may also be used to set speed limiters or to change children’s steering sensitivity. If you’re looking for something strong and durable, then this is the board for you. Even at top speeds, is never really struggling. The wheels are wide and strong, and it is excellent on the concrete.


Not sure yet? It’s even easier to get your brand new Halo Rover X today, plus you do not have to leave your home.  Log on to and order your board online. Have it delivered straight on your doorstep, and you’ll enjoy fun, recreational activities in no time! 

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