Top 5 Electric Skateboards 2020

As we take one leap at a time towards a future of electric-powered transportation, one of the most famous items on this list is electronic skateboards!

You might ask, why make it electric when the older, much normal version was fine on its own without posing any danger to the environment?

Technology has always developed itself beyond compare. It applies solutions to our everyday dilemmas and is driven towards excellence.

We’ve seen a drastic shift in technology in almost everything we’re using. Even the skateboards that you used to drive or pull with your legs and perform a stunt.

Remember the large motors with a horrible sound you know to be in large transportation units have now become very tiny. It is small enough to fit inside your skateboard, then become operated by a battery– now you’ve got an electric skateboard.

In short, mankind lives in and enjoys the golden age of motor technology. In reality, there are almost too many rides to keep track of, and every month the gear seems to be getting crazier and more advanced.

It’s not easy to decide which electrical skateboards are the best of the best.

Many electrical skateboards tend to be identical, both in nature and in capability. But certain qualities and features can make certain electric skateboards faster, more compact, and more durable.

You need to look for the following characteristics or aspects of any electrical skateboard to see if it is of the highest quality, and it fits your needs and lifestyle.

5. Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series

Source: Evolve Skateboards USA

Evolve prides itself on the three things strength, efficiency, and flexibility.

Perhaps the first thing you can note is the price of this product. Many buyers may be deterred by prices. One of the most impressive features is the 3,000-watt turbine, looking at its characteristics. The custom-made motor makes a top speed of 26 miles per hour for the electric skateboard. Although it may seem very heavy, the portability does not fail to impress.

All parts of the electrical skateboard reflect the premium quality and thus the price deserves to be paid. The all-terrain 7-inch wheels will tackle nearly all surfaces while ensuring you are riding smoothly

4. Teamgee Dual Motor Electric Skateboard


Teamgee is a solid and thin electric skateboard with a great stability and control system installed on the ground for three inches. The product is made from Canadian maple and fiberglass and facilitates a smooth ride that many users enjoy.

The Electric Skateboard Teamgee H5 37′′ provides a fantastic concept. A 760W dual-engine allows the Teamgee skateboard to run at a top speed of 22 mi / h. With an eleven-mile range, this skateboard is not shocking in terms of efficiency to conquer a lot of competing versions.

3. Skatebolt Electric Longboard

Source: Skatebolt

The Skatebolt Electric Skateboard has two motors, so you get twice the power. This unit will run up to 18.6 miles at a fully loaded speed of up to 25 mph. For those who like to skate on a steep hill, this might be a good choice for you!

The wheels and the deck are built with a wider width for a more stable and fluid skateboarding experience. Two red warning lamps are available for use during the evening.

2. Boosted Standard Range Electric Skateboard

Source: Boosted Boards USA

This Boosted Electric Skateboard is a new and advanced technical board of the second generation. It has a variety of features that allow its predecessor to surpass. This board is very fast and strong. Its battery lets it carry a charge of up to 7 kilometers with a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour.

1. Halo Board Beast

Source: Electric2Fun

The Halo Board Beast draws its power from a wide 3200W Dual Drive Motor. The driver with a propelling ability of up to 26 mp / h to maximum speeds that can accommodate tilt up to 25 percent. The lightweight electric skateboard provides an impressive range of 25 miles, which extracted energy from its 10,4Ah Firesafe lithium-ion battery.

Riders can opt for some Halo all-terrain-capable wheels as well. Experienced skaters can conquer all sorts of challenging terrain with the Halo Board Beast. The strong 3200W engine and high torque also provide a great climbing feature.


Picking the right skateboard for your style and use is not simple. We at Electric2Fun understand this dilemma.

In order for you to get the most fun under the sun, you need gears that can keep up with your lifestyle, no matter the terrain, no matter the speed.

Electric2Fun has all the electric two wheels you will need, from the most high-quality brands down to the piece of gear you’ll need, we got it all for you under one roof!

Shop online at or visit us at Jacksonville, Florida.

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