Characteristics of Today’s Electric Scooters

List of the modern day features that you should watch out for in buying a modern electric scooter.

Driven by the speedy implementation of scooter sharing around populous cities, people across all age groups grew an enormous amount of interest in scooters. Reason behind its overnight success was that the scooters were hailed to be the modern, sustainable solution to the all time traffic woes. Every brand of electric scooter is made differently with diversified qualities and features. As they have become widespread, these eco -friendly modes of transportation innovate accordingly. Keep up with the times, here’s a list of the modern day features that you should watch out for in buying a modern electric scooter.

1. Range

The range capability or mileage of an electric scooter is considered as the indicator of the vehicle’s life and condition. Naturally, one cannot top off one’s intended itinerary if the vehicle cannot function. The range for an electric scooter depends on its engine, battery, and controller. The battery primarily determines the range of a certain unit. Some models can reach 20 miles on a single charge, some can go farther without having the need to recharge. On average, an electric scooter has a power of 250W, and can run 70k on full charge.

The longest range electric scooter at the moment is EMOVE Cruiser Dual, which advertised a range of 62 miles in good condition. Another popular choice for range is the Gotrax XR Elite.

2. Controls and Indicators

Controls and indicators are one of the most under-appreciated parts of the electric scooter. If poorly designed, these can cause a big problem for safety and convenience. Speed controllers look like rectangular metal cans with many wires that command the flow of current from battery to motor. These also receive input from the accelerator and brake controls.

3. Portability

Is it really a modern electric scooter if you can’t take it anywhere? By that, I mean getting inside a bus and inside the elevators without having the handles bump into people, or scooter parts awkwardly stuck somewhere. The hallmark of the modern e-scooter is its lightness, and ability to fold, making it convenient for carrying and storing. Consider having this feature as a priority when you purchase your own modern electric scooter. Weight is also a big factor to consider, alongside having a portable electric scooter. Some scooters are not portable by design but there’s plenty of modern electric scooters built with this feature already. Remember that convenience pays off especially when you use it frequently.

4. Smart function

The growth of the e-scooter industry is undeniably faster than expected. Because of its rising competition, the e-scooter business giants inevitably have to diversify to cutting edge technologies for enhanced security and convenience.

One of the electric scooter models with this technology is Electric2Fun. Their integrated app allows you to monitor the e-scooter’s battery health, overall performance, and mileage covered. It also has a gaming feature so you can use it for entertainment purposes.

5. Suspension

The key to having a comfortable, smooth, and seamless ride is having high grade suspension. Many electric scooter models have less regard for suspension. Most electric scooters forgo this feature, instead focus on having large pneumatic tires. High quality suspension is an extra mile feature for e-scooter models to have, a measure of a shipshape product. There are three main types of suspension systems that are typically found on e-scooters: spring, hydraulic, and rubber. The best combination is spring and hydraulic, which is commonly called coil over hydraulic or coil over air. It is important to note also that large pneumatic tires upstage cheap spring suspensions.

6. Cruise control

This feature allows you to adjust your speed according to your preference and ability to maintain that throughout a constant rate of travel. It’s a feature that relieves the rider of hand fatigue during long, straight line travels. This is a feature already used in automotive vehicles. One of the more predominant e-scooter models that have this feature is the Segway-Ninebot electric scooter.

7. Lights

Apart from riding at night, lights are an essential feature for safety especially when it is also raining. Just like any other vehicle on the road, we must take any precautionary measures we can to avoid imminent dangers.

Every electric scooters’ parts must be given attention to know how to maneuver better, and how to go about your travels every day in the most convenient way possible. Furthermore, outside the modern technologies, never leave out the major ones like the tires, brakes, motor, and etc. These parts are far more essential than modern day additions for ease and aesthetic purpose.

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