Where are you legally allowed to ride e-scooters?

You’re probably now ready to make the switch to using a more eco-friendly ride for your short commutes or just for weekend recreational fun. However, you’re worried that you might get ticketed because of varying policies around the world for electric scooter use.

You may have seen e-scooter being used in villages and parks, as it is famously being used in tech offices in Silicon Valley. Not only does the e-scooter function on clean energy, it is also a good way to break a sweat to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Today’s newest brands of e-scooters have advanced technology that’s integrated every needed software by today’s modern users.

Bluetooth and even speakers have been installed in the new brand of e-scooters. The emergence of personal fitness apps have also been integrated into these electric gears and may very well be connected to your e-scooter now so you can track your fitness progress. 

From being a motorized piece of equipment, the scooter has always been evolving, and today’s world is not quite ready for its rapid development into becoming a choice for short-term transportation. 

Before riding an e-scooter, one must be equipped with the minimum safety gear such as a helmet.

Moreover, in some states in the US, you are required to have a driver’s license to be able to operate an e-scooter on major roads. Take note that e-scooters meant for kids or those that aren’t made for the streets are prohibited from being used as modern transportation vehicles.

Most of today’s electric scooters can have a speed of up to 45 km/hr which can very well be used in highways and for short-term commutes.

E-scooters in the U.S. 

The use of e-scooters in the US are regulated by the government and legislation is on the works to make it an official electric-powered transportation to be used as studies have proven its positive  effect on the environment in the long run. 

Generally, you are able to ride your e-scooters where bikes are allowed as the e-scooters are categorized the same as bikes. To keep out of trouble, it’s best to stick to bike lanes to avoid fast traffic. 

Be mindful of the different laws and regulations on the use of e-scooter for every state in the country as it greatly varies. 

Last 2019, in California, e-scooters have become more encouraged for use in bike lanes with a speed limit of 25 mph. 

E-scooters in the U.K.

In the United Kingdom, e-scooters are regarded as a form of vehicle under the term “personal light electric vehicles”, and they are subject to the same rules and regulations as motorized vehicles. The UK has allowed e-scooters to ride in cycle paths, lanes, and roads, meaning the gear also needs to be registered, taxed, and checked quarterly. 

However, what’s troubling in the UK is that the e-scooters need to be a part of a hiring scheme, meaning, you shouldn’t ride a personal e-scooter but instead rent out from companies who own some. 

E-scooters in Australia

In Australia, in order to ride a bike, you must be at least 16 years old. Moreover, according to the country’s Department of Transportation and Main Roads, you are only allowed to go up to a speed of 25 km/hr. 

Like in the U.K., Australia has adopted the e-scooter ride hiring scheme where many should rent out scooters instead of having their personal one. 

In terms of the issue on whether or not it can access roads, it’s important to note that by Australia’s standards, any vehicle that can go faster than 10 km/hr are subject by the rules and requirements of any motor vehicle. 


As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to ride your e-scooter in places that aren’t likely to have a lot of traffic such as parks and home villages. Moreover, as a responsible motorist, it’s best to check the capacity of your e-scooter and make sure it’s built for the streets. 

One e-scooter that will never disappoint is the Electric2Fun scooter. An e-scooter truly meant for modern transportation, it’s powered purely by electricity and can be controlled through an application on your mobile device. 

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Electric Gears You Should Probably Get Your Hands on this 2021

What now makes the world move is the promise that we’re moving into a new age of electric gear choices that’s more eco-friendly. For the last few years, electric-powered gears have been rising in popularity.

These strong, fun, and high-tech developments have converted basic push and pedal gears into transportation vehicles that are highly capable, and reasonably lightweight.

You can go even quicker on an electric gear, and, in some situations, equal the traffic level. Their revolutionary braking mechanisms ensure that both on flat surfaces, uphill and downhill, users maintain control of their speed.

The most popular type of e-gear is e-skateboards which have been a vital part of urban transportation.

In comparison, since you do not have to drive to hold your balance while riding the e-skateboard, it is actually much easier for beginners to learn the art of skateboarding.

People nowadays love to get electrical stuff because it requires limited work and electric skateboards are no different.

If you’re buying a device that’s eco-friendly, isn’t that a wonderful thing? Of course, since they run on rechargeable batteries, electric skateboards do not carry any smog or toxins to the environment.

Overall, it would help a lot to lower your carbon emissions if you choose to use your electric skateboard to get around campus or to the local store instead of taking your car. This is actually one of the biggest benefits of using an electric skateboard.

Electric gears you need in 2021

1. E-skateboards

It’s certainly better to ski than to play video games all day long, right? When a teenager decides to skate outdoors in the open air, it makes them happier and gives them a lot of interaction with the environment.

Skating has many advantages, such as helping you breathe fresh air and pumping them into your blood. It also enhances other tasks, such as having improved teamwork, improving balance, and relieving tension.

There are health-boosting benefits in skateboarding. Riding on an electric skateboard, first and foremost, helps improve your muscle mass and overall strength.

In addition to using them to force the board into motion as appropriate, the task allows you to stay standing on your feet.

2. E-scooter

Electric scooters, rivaled only by folding bikes, are possibly the most compact means of powered personal transport. Most young adults love its foldable feature as it can double as short-haul urban transport and recreational gear.

Many individuals would like aided modes of travel but find them too slow to be functional or too technical. Motorbikes are awesome, but in order to ride one, you need a license and insurance.

Push Bikes are fantastic, but you will always have to leave them locked outside and at risk of being robbed, and they are too heavy to be deemed fully lightweight. Light and fold-up electric scooters allow for simple storage and portability.

As you would a tiny backpack, you can easily drag it along, ensuring you can carry it practically everywhere.

3. E-bikes

Best for all ages with a passion for fun rides, e-bikes are technically composed of machines integrated within the bike to give it a boost to your pedaling. E-bikes have what they call battery-powered “pedal-assist”. This will reduce the tension and impact on the knees and thighs.

There are E-bikes with particular boosting technology that can help you climb hills and slopes, so you don’t have to think about any rough terrain. In an E-bike, people of all ages and fitness levels will travel flawlessly and for even longer. Longer drives mean more views and stops for more fun!


When it comes to all gears that are electric, you almost have limitless options to have fun under the sun! Good thing Electric2Fun has gathered all the high-quality electric powered gears under one roof only for you.

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E-skateboard Tricks and Tips for Newbies and Young Ones

If you’re looking to start your e-skateboard journey, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Although most l of the modern electric skateboards today are youngster-friendly, you’ll still need to run down some guidelines so your kids may enjoy the fun as well!

Riding an electric skateboard is not that different from riding a traditional skateboard. It is more fun to ride an electric board, though, than riding the conventional kind.

One of the most invigorating ways of transportation could be using an electric skateboard. This explains why you see so many electric skateboards around now, whether you’re going from one place to another or only cruising around for fun.

But as with any mode of travel, you need to remember some safety guidelines before jumping on your electric skateboard.

Indulge in a new beginning for your active lifestyle and tag your little ones along for the ride!

Tips on Riding an E-skateboard for the First Time

Get Safety Electric Skateboard Gears

Bring in the whole pack– purchase some helmets and pads to keep you safe during your rides.

On a standard skateboard and a bicycle, you wear a helmet. Electric skateboards are not exempted from the law.

Helmets have been found to prevent almost 70% of the risk of severe head injury resulting from collisions. Electric skateboards are no different; if you’re running without a helmet and if you fall down, you’re at higher risk of a severe head injury.

Get the Right Pair of Shoes

Just like in any sport, you need to invest in the best pair of footwear for you to work efficiently. For electric skateboarding, the wardrobe options need to be taken seriously.

Wear closed boots for maximum safety. Avoid open-toed footwear like flip flops, sliders, or sandals because if you slip, your toes are more at risk of damage. To avoid these accidents, people who work in schools or building projects are advised to wear closed boots, and so do you.

Not only do closed boots protect your toes,, it also allows you more control over your electric skateboard.

Get Friends to Ride with You

A safer way to keep yourself safe is to do so as a community rather than on your own while e-skating for fun. There are more eyes on the world around you if you travel as a group, and you can keep each other aware of any possible threats or elements to bear in mind.

It is a lot of fun as well! When riding, you should not talk over, as riding itself is a mechanism that requires your focus and attention. But to catch up and schedule your next drive, you can all stop for daily breaks.

Know How to Fall

While you may don your protective gear, falling from your board is still inevitable. It’s best to know how to “fall properly” so as to avoid any broken bones.

Whenever practicable, learn to adapt your body to land on fleshier, less uncomfortable places like your bones. This will become instinctive with enough practice.

Just make sure that you exercise safely anywhere, and collapse on a floor that won’t hurt you too badly.

The odds are that if you’re riding an electric skateboard, you’ll fall off at some point. That is a very natural part of the course of learning and it happens to everyone.


The outside world is a jungle you can explore, but do so with enough safety and precautions. Remember, before riding on your new e-skateboards, get to know some tips for newbies and young ones so that the whole experience is fun and safe.

Think you’re ready now?

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What is the Future of Electric Skateboards?

While the market for electric skateboards may seem new to some people, it is actually a fast-growing one. Industries are now contemplating on the future of electric skateboards. The main drivers of growth for the industry are the popular appeal of electric skateboards for recreation or leisure activities and the increasing interest in it as a sports activity in the global market.

However, its use as a personal transport makes it also attractive to some people who want to save travel time.

Electric skateboard motors are stronger than traditional skateboards and have greater power over them, which makes them a common alternative for skating sports in regions such as Australia, the U.S., and Europe, among others.

Moreover, the use of electric skateboard motors has made them popular around the globe among all age groups.

Thanks to their small size and simple power, electric skateboard motors are also gaining significant popularity as private transport because of their high speed that saves travel time. I
The use of electric skateboards for recreation and sports is projected to increase the global demand for electric skateboard motors.

The Future of Electric Gears

Technological innovation can be a major factor pushing the global demand for electric skateboard motors as it has contributed to the production of creative and sophisticated electric skateboards leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

In the global as well as regional markets for electric skateboard engines, skateboards with wired features, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Infrared links, are also gaining momentum. In fact, the blue tooth capability is being improved so that even speakers for music can be embedded.

As technology evolves and improves faster than we anticipate, all these high-technology developments are being applied on a powerful yet compact gear. Its remote capability is highly attractive.

With a hand-held remote, speed is controlled. It has under your index finger a dead-man lever and under your thumb a back-to-front, spring-loaded throttle rocker.

To go, drive the throttle forward. To slow down and stop, drive backward. Another neat detail: the motor charges the battery regeneratively when you’re winding down.

Some say that the future of electric skateboards is finally here with the Halo Board which is built with 100% carbon fiber. Its Bluetooth controls are indeed something new to rave about. Nonetheless, technology and automation will also spring new surprises and electric gear products for everyone.

Electric Skateboards: A Market Outlook

The demand for electric skateboards is expected to grow even further with the increasing interest in skateboard sport in North America and Europe. The industry is emerging in some regions like the Asia Pacific.

Another attractive factor is the eco-friendly appeal of electric skateboards. These have low carbon emissions and do not guzzle fuel.

As many industries evolve to become greener, the electric skateboard industry will be coming up with plans to come up with greener, sleeker, and more powerful skateboards in the market.


Anticipating the growing market of electric skateboards in the United States and around the world, Electric2Fun seeks to become one of the few brands to usher in greener, powerful gears.

Your one-stop-shop for all things electric and with wheels, Electric2Fun was born with a promise to change how we have fun under the sun.

The brand continues to partner with many electric wheel gear brands from electric skateboards, electric scooters to even e-bikes, to encourage more and more people to switch to electric-powered gears.

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Are Electric Skateboards Really Eco-Friendly?

Electric skateboards are becoming more and more powerful and efficient. The question is, are they eco-friendly?

Electric skateboards have made a significant impact on the market. Many consumers, commonly found in the United States, have made the skateboarding industry very rich and saturated.

The technology in today’s electric skateboard continues to progress, and every year, we get something new from these battery-powered skateboards.

While it is true that traditional skateboards themselves are an eco-friendly way to get around, electric skateboards are much more enjoyable, especially when you’re one who likes to get around plain fields.

The most clever electric skateboards are ideal for high-speed skating (anywhere from 10 to 25 miles per hour). The best electric skateboards come with rechargeable batteries which can be powered fast and have a long life per charge. You can also ride with them even faster than normal, so you wouldn’t have to be tied down and limited.

You know how free you can be when you skate without any care in the world when you love to do it. In this respect, you can wonder how to make this experience even better than ever– and the solution is an upgrade.

Do Electric Skateboards Represent an Upgrade?

But is an electric skateboard really an upgrade?

Sustainability has been the primary goal of many brands and products for about a decade now. There’s something about promoting eco-conscious, and environmentally friendly products that really catch the eyes of consumers.

In today’s age of climate crisis, everyone wants in on the effort that can slow down the Earth’s deterioration.

The electric skateboard helps speed up short trips as opposed to just walking to and from your destination. You can control its speed, its cruise, and it turns with every button and footwork.

What Makes E-Skateboards Eco-Friendly?

Many enthusiasts have mentioned that electric skateboards, scooters, and the like will pave the way for eco-friendly transportation.

While it may not measure up to today’s electric-powered vehicles, these two and four-wheel gears are getting a lot more attention than it used to because of new technology, performance, and appearance.

Skating has long been a perfect way for individuals to work out and at the same time have fun. It goes without saying, the better the skateboard, the more exciting the experience.

The best e-skateboards can be bought so that you can enjoy skating as an activity quickly and comfortably, to get to work or just have fun.

Whenever electricity is used, it may always be frowned upon. However, this is not important since electric skateboards can be changed frequently. The electric skateboard runs on batteries of rechargeable fuel. As such, no toxins or emissions are emitted by the skateboards.

By taking your skateboard on rides on which you would previously have a motorcycle, you will make a great effect on your very own carbon footprint, so you can be confident that you’re doing your part.

You’re promised that you’re contributing to the world’s fight against intense climate crisis when you buy and use these skateboards and other products that claim eco-friendliness. It’s a much greener choice than driving your vehicle if your drive to work or the shops is at an appropriate distance, and maybe less hassle than public transport.

More Than Just Eco-Friendly

Today’s new breed of e-skateboards has more than being eco-friendly up on their sleeves.

Many electric skating boards are wirelessly operated via Bluetooth and a wireless Internet connection. These e-skateboard styles have sensors and remote controls that make it easy to monitor velocity. By merely pressing a button, you can accelerate and slow down at will.


Electric2Fun has the newest, and most high-technology e-skateboards available in the market today. As the brand brings in different quality electric gears, it continues to be an advocate of eco-conscious fun under the sun.

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Tame the Halo Board Beast Today

The new electric skateboards from The Halo Board brand just keep getting better and better. All the features on the new Halo Board Beast make it better than the competition. The range is longer, the deck is longer, and the wheels are wider. The engine and battery are stronger.

All this turns into a healthier, faster journey that young people and adults would enjoy. The Halo Board Beast is considered to be one of the best electric skateboards in the market.

Looking for a Beast?

This Beast is intense, and it is truly made for speed. Here are some of the things that make it a cut above the rest:

  • Able to run at up to 26mph top pace, you can ride this Beast up to 25 miles per charge.
  • That’s due to the improved brushless motor system for Dual Direct-Drive.
  • With a motor that’s 3200 watts, it has decent torque, so when you’re running up and down hills or just gliding through plains, it will be a breeze.
  • You can control the new Halo Board Beast a lot easier than its predecessors.
  • It takes longer to charge, about 4-5 hours, but in return also lasts longer on every ride.
  • What’s sweet about this newest unit from the Halo Boards brand is the Regenerative Braking device also allows as much as possible to extend your battery charge.

The Halo Board Beast truly provides serious and common skateboarders alike with excitement.

One Look and You Know it’s a Beast

Your first look at the Halo Board Beast will be about fawning over its sleekness, and undeniably smooth, jet-like stature. The steady acceleration and progression of the brakes on the Beast helps you go anywhere with ease and style.

With the Halo Board Beast, you get the best specs guaranteed in the electric skateboard industry.

The board has a maple deck and a battery case featuring a carbon fiber mix. Maplewood is durable enough to last for a long time.

Its longer deck offers more stability and a better journey for you. The battery is covered thanks to the case and does not pull down the board’s look, which is robust and lean.

If you’re looking for a more intense recreational e-skateboard experience, Halo Boards sells 120mm all-terrain wheels if you want to turn your board into an all-terrain e-skateboard. These are individually sold, made especially for the Beast.

And One More Thing…

The Halo Board Brand is just getting started with some newest additions to their electric skateboard. What’s better than a beastly electric skateboard like the Halo Board Beast?

A beast with advanced technology.

It’s not just Bluetooth, you can also control it with your own personal app.

The electric skateboard comes with a Multi-Mode remote that has been revamped. It lets you toggle between three different modes of rpm. If you’re new to cycling, get relaxed by starting with the easiest mode. The blazing-hot top speed will unlock the fastest mode!


Thanks to its almost silent engine, and the in-deck battery configuration, the Beast can be mistaken for an everyday skateboard. The special specifications and style of carbon fiber are bound to make heads turn.

It’s obvious, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to buy this beast. The good news is, you do not have to go out and do so. Log onto electric2fun.com and check out the Halo Board Beast today, and have it delivered straight to your doorstep!

Why the Halo Rover X Is Fit for Your Lifestyle

You’ve probably decided on purchasing your own electric gear, but are still at a crossroads on what type, design, specs, and power you’d need for day-to-day and/or recreational use.

Electric skateboards have gained much attention in the past years as they’re fun, lightweight, and can go places traditional boards can’t. The Halo Rover X has indeed been one of these sought-after boards.
They will cost you a handy dime, so if you buy one of these bad boys- you’d want to invest in a decent one. 

In any tech you plan on buying, its useability should match your lifestyle. Your usage might not fit the most high-tech version, and you might end up wasting your money on something expensive but is not your match.
In recent years, the electric skateboarding industry has grown in popularity. New companies emerge every day to sell new and creative e-skateboard models.

The Halo Board Brand

The Halo Board brand, specifically, has been the talk of the town for most of the much younger adult generation. You’ve probably heard about it through the guidance given by experienced veterans in the community through social media outlets such as Youtube and Reddit.

But another rider’s powerful stream of advice can only go so far. The right board is essentially a study and introspection process. Analyzing pricing, efficiency, and technical information is no simple job. 

Why The Halo Rover X is Meant for You

Hoverboards are really your best friend when you’re into treading plain and flat surfaces. These types of surfaces help you get into intense speeds and turns and then you also get to show off your skills.

While it’s no secret that hoverboards are a bit pricey, it does things normal skateboards cannot. This justification is enough when you’re trying to secure yourself and your investment.

The Halo Rover X presents an all-terrain self-balancing scooter. It’s not the first time that we’ve heard of an off-road rig, but it’s the first time we’ve seen a system like this called indestructible.

Halo Rover X Specs

Why try out the Halo Rover X? Here are a few reasons:

  • The Halo Rover X offers dual 400W motors that allow it to handle the all-terrain with ease.
  • This board can hold weights of up to 256 lbs without deterioration in the promised performance. 
  • Don’t  worry about bumps on the road with this baby. The 8.5-inch tires are capable of riding through most of the different bumps or rocks. 
  • Enjoy the top speed of up to 10mph and the battery lasts for up to 8-10 miles, so it’s best for long recreational activities. 
  • The Halo Rover generally runs pretty well, looks stable, and it has some cool extra features which are perfect when you’re starting out on the e-craze. 

Regulate with an App

The technology in this e-skateboard is sought-after. For starters, the entire unit can be regulated by an app. There are large night-riding LED panels, and there are three different stages of preparation that can be increased along with your experience. The software may also be used to set speed limiters or to change children’s steering sensitivity.

If you’re looking for something strong and durable, then this is the board for you. Even at top speeds, is never really struggling. The wheels are wide and strong, and it is excellent on the concrete.


Not sure yet? It’s even easier to get your brand new Halo Rover X today, plus you do not have to leave your home. 

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Top 5 Electric Skateboards 2020

As we take one leap at a time towards a future of electric-powered transportation, one of the most famous items on this list is electronic skateboards!

You might ask, why make it electric when the older, much normal version was fine on its own without posing any danger to the environment?

Technology has always developed itself beyond compare. It applies solutions to our everyday dilemmas and is driven towards excellence.

We’ve seen a drastic shift in technology in almost everything we’re using. Even the skateboards that you used to drive or pull with your legs and perform a stunt.

Remember the large motors with a horrible sound you know to be in large transportation units have now become very tiny. It is small enough to fit inside your skateboard, then become operated by a battery– now you’ve got an electric skateboard.

In short, mankind lives in and enjoys the golden age of motor technology. In reality, there are almost too many rides to keep track of, and every month the gear seems to be getting crazier and more advanced.

It’s not easy to decide which electrical skateboards are the best of the best.

Many electrical skateboards tend to be identical, both in nature and in capability. But certain qualities and features can make certain electric skateboards faster, more compact, and more durable.

You need to look for the following characteristics or aspects of any electrical skateboard to see if it is of the highest quality, and it fits your needs and lifestyle.

5. Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series

Evolve prides itself on the three things strength, efficiency, and flexibility.

Perhaps the first thing you can note is the price of this product. Many buyers may be deterred by prices. One of the most impressive features is the 3,000-watt turbine, looking at its characteristics. The custom-made motor makes a top speed of 26 miles per hour for the electric skateboard. Although it may seem very heavy, the portability does not fail to impress.

All parts of the electrical skateboard reflect the premium quality and thus the price deserves to be paid. The all-terrain 7-inch wheels will tackle nearly all surfaces while ensuring you are riding smoothly

4. Teamgee Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

Teamgee is a solid and thin electric skateboard with a great stability and control system installed on the ground for three inches. The product is made from Canadian maple and fiberglass and facilitates a smooth ride that many users enjoy.

The Electric Skateboard Teamgee H5 37′′ provides a fantastic concept. A 760W dual-engine allows the Teamgee skateboard to run at a top speed of 22 mi / h. With an eleven-mile range, this skateboard is not shocking in terms of efficiency to conquer a lot of competing versions.

3. Skatebolt Electric Longboard

The Skatebolt Electric Skateboard has two motors, so you get twice the power. This unit will run up to 18.6 miles at a fully loaded speed of up to 25 mph. For those who like to skate on a steep hill, this might be a good choice for you!

The wheels and the deck are built with a wider width for a more stable and fluid skateboarding experience. Two red warning lamps are available for use during the evening.

2. Boosted Standard Range Electric Skateboard

This Boosted Electric Skateboard is a new and advanced technical board of the second generation. It has a variety of features that allow its predecessor to surpass. This board is very fast and strong. Its battery lets it carry a charge of up to 7 kilometers with a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour.

1. Halo Board Beast

The Halo Board Beast draws its power from a wide 3200W Dual Drive Motor. The driver with a propelling ability of up to 26 mp / h to maximum speeds that can accommodate tilt up to 25 percent. The lightweight electric skateboard provides an impressive range of 25 miles, which extracted energy from its 10,4Ah Firesafe lithium-ion battery.

Riders can opt for some Halo all-terrain-capable wheels as well. Experienced skaters can conquer all sorts of challenging terrain with the Halo Board Beast. The strong 3200W engine and high torque also provide a great climbing feature.


Picking the right skateboard for your style and use is not simple. We at Electric2Fun understand this dilemma.

In order for you to get the most fun under the sun, you need gears that can keep up with your lifestyle, no matter the terrain, no matter the speed.

Electric2Fun has all the electric two wheels you will need, from the most high-quality brands down to the piece of gear you’ll need, we got it all for you under one roof!

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Why Are Electric Skateboards Better?

The use of electricity in different gears has always been a defining factor of modern transportation. As the popularity of electric skateboards grows, more and more different styles of boards emerge.

It can seem at times that the differences are mostly negligible, but each different board is built for a different reason.

In recent years, the electric skateboard industry has exploded as technology has evolved and become more available. With so many board choices out there, you’d often ask, why evolve? why upgrade to electric?

Isn’t the normal skateboard we’ve learned to love and use eco-conscious enough?

E-skateboards vs. Normal skateboards

Indeed it is, but there’s something about having an e-skateboard that gives you more control, more power, and more playtime as you tread a long journey, or live an active lifestyle that is pure satisfaction.

Many reports have proven that e-skateboards indeed help youngsters in their daily commute. While not yet a common mode of transportation, the e-skateboard industry is growing exponentially as it becomes a viable sports recreation.

Electric skateboards have increased in popularity over the last few years. These strong, fun, and high-tech developments have turned simple push skateboards into highly capable and fairly compact transport vehicles.

You can travel a lot faster with an electric skateboard, and in some situations, you can match the speed of traffic. Their revolutionary braking mechanisms ensure that users maintain control over their speed, whether on flat surfaces, uphill, or downhill.

Furthermore, since you don’t have to push and hold your balance while riding a skateboard, it’s actually much easier for beginners to master the art of skateboarding.

In the future, it’s a possibility that we’ll get to leave our car keys at home and commute on an electric skateboard with style and ease. There are tons of e-skateboards that are promising enough to be an alternative mode of transportation and all of them have their advantages.

Normal, manual skateboards also get you to where you’d want to go and is as eco-friendly as the modern e-skateboards. However, these types of skateboards need enough manual power to make you move as fast and as far as you want to.

While it may be promising for those who use skateboards to break a sweat, the promise of e-skateboards gives more power with less strength and effort needed to drive it.

The differentiation in e-skateboards is identical to the difference between vehicles. You’ve got boards that carry you from point A to point B, and then you’ve got those that are pure pleasure to ride.

Look into the wheels and trucks and ask the question, without the electrical setup, how will this board perform? There’s a major difference between an electric skateboard off-the-shelf and a quality longboard with a motor. The wheels are particularly crucial to the overall success of the ride.

Yes, normal, manual skateboards are a lot of fun, but you may be looking for a new challenge if you are already a skateboard enthusiast.

Do you remember having to climb up those hills so that you might feel the joy of going down the other side?

You do not have to waste time and energy on walking upwards on an electric skateboard anymore. Simply use your e-skateboard and zip those hills up and down at will. When you are a surfer, when the waves are non-existent, you will taste the thrill of riding your board on shore!

There are a few things to consider when selecting the right electric skateboard to suit your needs. In order to buy a board that’s perfect for your day to day use, it is necessary to understand the differences between them.

E-skateboards work for others, but some also prefer the normal ones. It all comes down to what you really need or what really suits your lifestyle.


While the normal, manual skateboards bring joy, an upgrade won’t hurt. Electric2Fun makes it irresistible to skip on owning your own electric-powered gears because the promise of power and full control is just too good to miss out on.

For all your electric-powered gears, there’s only one shop in Jacksonville Florida that sells all that’s high-quality and fun.

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5 Benefits of Having an Electric Skateboard

Almost everything has gone electric-powered to minimize the biological footprint we leave as the years and decades pass.

High-powered devices do not have to be detrimental to the health of the environment. The need for clean energy has indeed shot up in the past years as we face an extreme environmental crisis, heightening all efforts to be eco-conscious.

In recent years, the popularity of electric skateboards has been increasing. The once simple skateboards have been made into highly able and fairly compact transport vehicles by these strong, fun, and advanced technologies.

One of the reasons why many have jumped into the craze of electric two wheels is that it allows you to go much quicker with less human strength needed. Some more advanced models can even match traffic speeds. Your revolutionary braking systems ensure that users maintain speed control on smooth, up, and down surfaces.

In reality, it’s easier for beginners to learn the art of skateboarding because you don’t have to drive or hold your balance while pushing the skateboard, the power of electricity does this for you easily.

The Skateboard -- Now Made Electric

There are many things to consider when planning to buy your own electric skateboard. These new technologies can be obtained or assembled as a DIY project or can be bought as a complete gear.

The anatomy of the electric skateboard consists of wheels mounted next to the axle, an electric-powered mechanism connected to the wheels via the belt; a control unit to manage battery usage and speed; and a remote control unit designed to allow users to use batteries, such as the one mentioned above.

The Advantages of Owning an E-Skateboard

Helps in Health

In the first place, riding on an electric skateboard helps increase the overall strength and muscle mass. In addition to the activity, you must stand on your feet and move the board whenever appropriate, which also improves your balance. When balancing your board, you can also use your hands more.

Skateboarding also tends to enhance the nervous system’s overall functioning. For longer times, the nervous system is more frequently called into action to maintain a balance while driving on the board than if you used other forms of transport.

If you’re looking for a sport that relaxes your mind and body, riding on an electric skateboard can be a little soothing by the wind in your hair; this can help alleviate tension and help to hold you in the natural surroundings for longer.

Intense Speed

Intense Speed
As we transition into electric-powered skateboards, speed is the primary benefit. Perhaps this is one of the key reasons why electric skateboards are preferred to classical ones.

An electric-powered skateboard has a remote control, which helps you to control your speed. Some display panels have a speed sensor that shows your current speed and also warnings when maximum speeds are reached. In principle, you can do more with minimal effort on an electric skateboard.

If you skate down the road, whether you are driving on an electric skateboard or a push board, you can easily attain maximum speeds. For the flat surfaces, however, the majority of standard skateboards do not attain high speeds like electric skateboards.

New Breed of Urban Transportation

While the older version of skateboards is essentially eco-friendly in itself, e-skateboards are both eco-friendly and powerful.

This can sound absurd, but electric skateboards provide a different option for transport. Unlike cars and motorcycles that emit pollution into the air, power plates emit nothing. Instead, they provide travel options while retaining a long-term climate.

You not only invest in a fun activity but also address your transportation problems over reasonably long distances through the option of an electric skateboard.


Picking the right skateboard for your style and use is not simple. We at Electric2Fun understand this dilemma.

In order for you to get the most fun under the sun, you need gears that can keep up with your lifestyle, no matter the terrain, no matter the speed.

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