A Timeline of Electric Skateboards

Did you know that the early skateboards were once an experiment? It was invented by attaching a pair of roller skates to a board for some “cheap thrills”!

No one knew it would become the next big thing for skates enthusiasts in the coming years. But what shocked the world was the invention of motorized skateboards in the next years–it was then called MotoBoards.

Motorized Boards

Back then, motorized skateboards are simpler and typically very cheap compared with motorcycles. Its functionality does, despite its weight, compensate and justify such.

In the mid-seventies, the MotoBoard was born, and it instantly became famous. In Berkeley, California, this gas-powered drive dominated the market. Heads turned and many started to ask questions about the sustainability of such an invention.

Although it was extraordinarily different from modern motor skateboards, the first gas-fuelled skateboard was the pioneer of this industry. Today’s modern times have brought quiet, strong, more efficient, and wireless motorized skateboards on the market.

It was Louie Finkle who brought this first significant step toward a more efficient skateboard. He understood the machines enough to create his first motorized skateboard in 1997. In 1999, he was awarded the US patent.

Finkle’s motorized skateboard runs at a pace of 0-22 miles/hour in just 4 seconds. It was sold for around $995 apiece.

Likewise, because of the way it is regulated by the rider, his skateboard was different from the rest. It turned a user’s body surprisingly into something like a driver. Under the trigger finger, the metal belt touched and transmitted a small frequency signal across the feet and about 1/2 inch across the board cover to the receiver.

Electric Skateboards

As the only constant thing in the world was change, it was important to constantly develop, especially in the field of technology. In the tech industry, even the simplest device can get the most useful and efficient upgrade.

It wasn’t until the years 2004-2006 that the power plates were efficiently powered by electric motors and batteries with enough torque and efficiency to be able to power a skateboard. This is one step further to achieving a greener and more powerful skateboard.

According to, Boosted Boards are definitely today’s icons. It was established in 2012 by John Ulmen, Sanjay Dastoor, and Matthew Tran. The Boosted company launched a campaign called the “Boosted Board,” which was poised to become a premium electric skateboard in the market.

While skateboarding alone can be very thrilling for riders as they cruise down pavements, the use of electric skateboards helps you do just that and more.

Skateboarding has taken on a whole new dimension while designing and developing driven e-skateboards like the Halo Beast with an accompanying Bluetooth feature.

Although not in all countries and states, the electric skateboard soon became known by boarding enthusiasts all over as an economic, easy, and eco-friendly mode of urban transport for short term travels.

Indeed, today’s boards are so much more than their predecessors, it has developed in more ways than one and is now much more powerful than their gasoline-powered ancestors. The electric skateboards have so developed that you can buy one for your city trips or one built to conquer on the track.

Today’s e-skateboards are also famous for being built on one’s own, as you can buy a variation of kits and components to tailor your boards to the specifications you need and want.


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